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  • Colin Bewes writes:

    Hi Ravi

    I’ve been playing with the WordPress theme you wrote (Ahimsa) today for a friend. I am still quite new to WordPress but the one thing I can’t figure out with this theme is how to put images into the bright red header i.e. want to put an image to the left of the search box (would like to colour it so that the right hand side merges with the background red and thus allows for any screen width. My friend has also asked for the header to be about twice the height of the standard header.

    Can you help.

    Cheers, Colin

    • Hans writes:

      The image in the red header is a background image, ‘toucan.png’. See Ravi’s custom stylesheet ../wp-content/themes/ahimsa/custom.css:

      white-space: nowrap;
      background-image: url(‘http://ahren.org/code/wp-content/uploads/toucan.png’);
      background-repeat: no-repeat;
      background-position: 5px 50%;
      height: 60px !important;
      padding-left: 80px !important;

      Note also ‘height’ and ‘padding-left’ for the position of the title and the height of the red header. See WordPress documentation on how to add a custom stylesheet. It can be done manually in a text editor and uploading the sheet by FTP, but also from within the WordPress Dasboard after loggin in. See Appearance -> Editor.

      • David V. writes:

        I found that WP Super Cache interfered with the functionality of this custom.css

        Just a word to the wise.

        In other news: YOUR THEME IS AWESOME! thank you very much. As soon as my site’s live i’ll send you an invite.

        • David V. writes:

          So, here’s a followup to that title-bar image bit… and a copy of my own janky custom.css (for those of you that would hate on my css skills, know this: i’ve only been css’ing since September 30th… so there :oP)

          I wanted a logo in the header, but no text following it… and I wanted the image to link back to the homepage (http://my_janky_site)…

          here’s how I did it… it works for me, but i’m not certain why or how. Hopefully it can work for you… if not, feel free to delete this junk. Cheers:

          white-space: nowrap;
          background-image: url(‘http://my_janky_site.com/wp-content/uploads/janky_logo.png’);
          background-repeat: no-repeat;
          background-position: left ;
          height: 70px !important;
          padding-right: 300px !important;


          #title a
          white-space: nowrap;
          background-repeat: no-repeat;
          background-position: left ;
          height: 200px !important;
          padding-right: 300px !important;


          #title a span
          visibility: hidden;

        • ravi writes:

          David thanks for the comments. Not sure why WP Super Cache interferes with my custom stylesheet. I just installed Super Cache on this blog, so lets see what happens! ;-)

    • ravi writes:

      Colin, apologies for a lack of response — I had missed out on a whole block of comments such as yours that were awaiting a response (in fact I just wrote a WordPress plugin to make sure this doesn’t happen again). For images in the header, see: http://ahren.org/code/bit/how-to-add-an-image-in-the-ahimsa-theme-header.

  • Naida writes:

    Hello! Just wanted to tell you I love your theme Ahimsa. I’m using it in my blog. Check it out!

  • Cheers! writes:


    I’m using the Ahimsa theme too and I’m very happy with it! I customized it a bit to my needs and all is working perfectly. I think that your theme makes my site a bit unusual and funny, but also very well-balanced. The colours are great, so are the rounded corners and the very nice sidebar.

    Thanks for your hard work and I just wanted to let you know that your coding & designing is very much appreciated.

    – Michiel

  • Andeas writes:

    I just wanted to congratulate for your wonderful theme. Kudos to you sir or mam.

  • Syd Walker writes:

    Wonderful theme.

    Many thanks to you.

  • Josh writes:

    Awesome design! Your hard work is greatly appreciated. All the best.

  • Jim Martin writes:


    I just began using Ahimsa and love it! I have one problem, however. For some reason, when I move my “pages” widget to the sidebar, it does not show up on my blog. Yet, WP says that it recognizes the widget. I have 5 widgets installed:

    Twitter Tools
    Recent Posts
    Recent Comments
    My Link Order

    I checked “edit pages” and it indicates that I have one page published (which would be correct). This may be something simple that I have overlooked, Ravi, but right now I just don’t see it. Can you help?

    Thanks very much.

    • ravi writes:

      Jim, can you send me a link to a page that you have created? I want to make sure its visible/published. Also, which version of WP are you running? Thank you.

  • Bill Hood writes:

    I absolutely love the theme! It is really beautiful.

    I do have a problem. I do not need the comments or categories to be listed on the pages. Can you tell me which code to delete to make these not be visible.

    Thanks for creating the most beautiful theme for WordPress!

  • Bill Hood writes:

    Ravi, can you tell me what Plugin you are using to create the PopUps as on your page:

    Screenshots: Audacity of Tanish 0.7 for Posterous

    I have tried several popups, but have not found this one. I like it, a lot!

    • ravi writes:

      Bill, those are done using Fancybox with some custom modifications done by me, including a WordPress “shortcode”. This will all be available, in fact, in the next release of Ahimsa (coming up very soon). You can join my Twitter feed or Facebook page, or watch this blog, for an announcement.

      Or if you want to use a preview version, let me know… I should be able to send you the necessary files.

      • Bill Hood writes:

        Great, Ravi. I, along with others, will be waiting for the exciting release. I also asked, “I do not need the comments or categories to be listed on the pages. Can you tell me which code to delete to make these not be visible.” Can you lend me a hand with these?

        • ravi writes:

          Bill, around line 85 of entry.php is where the tags and categories are displayed. You can edit this file and add a check around the code such as the below, so it only shows for posts:

          <?php if( is_single() ) : ?>
          <div id='postcats' class='postcattags postcats' style='display: none; opacity: 0;'>
          <?php endif; ?>
          <?php endif; ?>

          However, you should also file a request at http://github.com/ahrencode/Ahimsa-for-WP/issues so I build this preference into the next version.

          • Bill Hood writes:

            I suppose I am a bit confused about where to enter the code or what to enter. I have tried four times to alter the code in this area, which always leaves the center part of the site a blank gray!

            Any suggestions?

            • ravi writes:

              Bill, if you are able to do so, just email me a copy of your entry.php file and I will edit it and send it back to you. You can then paste it into the Dashboard -> Appearance -> Editor -> entry.php edit form.

  • Jim Martin writes:


    I just updated Firefox and noticed that after I did this that my subject tabs on the left hand bar are now out of place. (My blog is: http://www.godhungry.org) I then opened Google Chrome and noticed that the blog looked normal. Just wondering if you had seen this yet. Is there something that I need to do?


    Jim Martin
    Waco, Texas

  • Mark Guadalupe writes:

    iLike the theme, so another fan here! ?

  • Rahman writes:

    Hi Mr.Ravi

    You ahimsa theme is outstanding.
    thank you very much

    But its really hard to find out to how to put a logo to the top red area.
    please help me…!
    (I was reading the other comments but I didn’t get the idea.

    • ravi writes:

      Rahman, I think you have created a HELP request? I will respond on that site. The gist of it is that if you are using the latest version of Ahimsa you can go to the Dashboard -> Appearance -> Ahimsa Options and enter a URL for the logo there.

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