Ahimsa for WordPress: Version 2.2
March 30th, 2009 by ravi

Below is the download link for version 2.2 of the Ahimsa theme for WordPress.

Download Ahimsa 2.2 for WordPress
Ahimsa for WordPress
Version 2.2

What’s new:

  • Fixes for IE6/7/8. No rounded corners on IE yet (and perhaps never), but lots of font changes, cleanup, IE specific style adjustments to make the theme render tolerably decent on IE.
  • Fixed various bugs in the theme including bad comments and reply box rendering (thanks to various Ahimsa for WP users for pointing this out).
  • Fixed JavaScript error(s) which were causing problems with IE in particular.
  • Fixed bug where sidebar did not extend the entire length of the page when collapsed and restored.
  • Fixed issue: pingbacks and trackbacks were not being displayed.
  • Very preliminary/alpha implementation of custom skins. Currently, using a very simple interface, you can add your own colour schemes to Ahimsa for WP. An upcoming blog post will provide details. A few words of caution: there is no way to edit a “skin” using the UI and this implementation might change in a future release.

Stay tuned to the blog for additional info on skins.

78 Responses  
  • Lee writes:

    Thank you for all you have done I love your theme! Keep up the good work!

  • ravi writes:

    Two issues I have already found!

    1) when comments are closed after a number of them have been posted, the post page does not explicitly state that “Comments are Closed”. It should, else its confusing to the reader.

    2) When comments are closed, the orange reply button is displayed without any text in it.

    I will file these on 16bugs (http://ahrencode.16bugs.com/).

  • CocteauBoy writes:

    Thank you, Ravi! You are the best. THE BEST!

  • Tom writes:

    Hey, I’m using WordPress 2.7.1 and I really love your theme. I’m having a problem with it though where the sidebar doesn’t show all the groups like Archives, Calendar, Links, and Meta like your site does.

  • bernddasbrot writes:

    Nice job, nice theme, what more can I say?

    I really appreciate that you have added support for custom color settings. Still a lot of work for those not familiar with css and often difficult to guess what all these categories mean.

    It would be good to know how you plan to implement the custom color feature in future releases. I could, of course, come up with a list of suggestions how to make it work neatly and accessible for the inexperienced users but I’d imagine you already have some very concrete ideas for that anyway.

  • Jay writes:

    Nice update. Looks much better on IE from work.

  • K writes:

    This is cute, however, how do I widen the sidebar?

    • Jay Sheldon writes:

      In Dashboard > Appearance > Editor, open file style.css, goto the part that looks like this

      color: #111111;
      padding: 10px;
      padding-top: 15px;
      height: 100%;

      and make it look like this

      color: #111111;
      padding: 10px;
      padding-top: 15px;
      height: 100%;
      width: 175px;

      the width part is how wide you want to force the sidebar to bee.

      • K writes:

        I am not sure if my previous comment was sent thru. I was asking a small issues on the comment call back function properly. When clicking the reply link, the whole page refreshes itself and pulls back to the end function of comment form instead of showing up right underneath the comment being replied to instead of under all the children comments. Can this be fixed?

        Thanks so much.

        • ravi writes:

          Jay thank you for the perfect answer. K, the comment form not showing up properly is indeed a bug. I had followed the instructions in WordPress docs correctly AFAIK, to support the new comment API, but its possible I messed up. Its in my list of targeted fixes for Ahimsa 2.3. Please bear with me till then. I hope to get 2.3 out by end of May.

      • K writes:

        Thanks very much for your help.

  • Lee writes:

    I would like to change the font size in the CSS file for the Body Text of a post but have not been able to locate the section that I need to change could you help me with this. Once again I love you Theme! Thanks for all the work and time you have put into it. Keep up the Great work.

    • ravi writes:

      All font settings are in style.css which you can edit using Admin page: Appearance -> Theme Editor. The default font for the entire page is set at the top, but the font for each post and comment text is at around line 504:

      font-size: small;

      Apologies for the delay in responding to your question. Ping me via email if the above does not work for you.

  • Joe writes:

    Dear Ravi,

    Beautiful theme! I love the color combination and the way you maintained clarity. Thank you so much for putting it up.

    A question: Is there a way I can put pages such as “About”, “Contact Us” “Disclaimer” and so forth on a footer or a tab somewhere?

    Thanks again and All the Best!


    • ravi writes:

      Joe thank you for your comment. Unfortunately there is no easy way to set up links to pages in the header or footer, without hacking the theme. If you want to give that a shot, contact me via email (code {at} ahren [dot] org). I am going to see if I can add some such feature for 2.3, since others have requested this as well.

      Apologies for the delay in responding to your question.

  • Ad writes:

    Very nice theme, so far my favorite! and trust me I’ve tried them all. but: no rounded corners for IE? and perhaps never? ouch that hurts!

    Thanks anyways, very nice.

    • ravi writes:

      Ad, sorry — the IE thing is not meant to be vindictive. I use a CSS3 attribute ‘border-radius’, or rather its prototypes implemented in Firefox, Safari and Chrome, to set the curved corners. Unfortunately, IE has not added any support for this even in IE8. To offer the rounded corners in IE I will have to change to a complicated hacky scheme using images and such. Hence my reluctance.

  • K writes:

    Hi I am now using this theme to my blog, however I have a small issue on comment reply. When replying to someone using the reply button, the commenting box remains static at the bottom of the comment page so you end up scrolling down to find the comment box. Also when you reply to someone, the entire page reloaded, which I find weird. Does it has to refresh everytime you click the reply button or the comment box should stay just below when replying to someone?

    Anyways, I’m liking your theme. Using it for now.

    • ravi writes:

      Yes, it’s a bug in my theme somewhere, I am afraid. I am looking into it and hope to have a fix soon. I think the WordPress code that pulls the reply box to the right place assumes that the box is a particular type of HTML element, which is not true in the case of my theme. I think I should be able to fix this in Ahimsa 2.3. If this is really bothering you, please contact me and I will try to give you a private version of 2.3 that will have a fix for this issue.

  • mi_hau writes:

    Hi ravi,
    Very, very nice theme.
    I added internationalization and polish translation into your theme.
    You can download it from my page: http://smartigo.pl/download/ahimsa.2.2.1.pl.zip
    Please include this update in your next release.

    For now internationalization works only for user side.


  • Aidan writes:

    hi thanks for this

    a quick question how do i make it so people have custom avatars like u have on urs?

    • ravi writes:

      Hello Aidan, see response from mi_hau (below your comment). Ahimsa supports Gravatars by default. You may need to turn them on in your Admin preferences.

  • mi_hau writes:

    hi ravi,
    if you want custom avatar, first create account on http://gravatar.com/
    next upload picture and assign it to your email address.

  • Mark writes:

    Just wanted to stop by and say thank you for this beautiful theme. It’s so simple, and it looks fantastic.

    Awesome work!
    Thanks again!

  • Nitesh writes:

    Dear Ravi
    We have a tiny blog on user interfaces and we have featured your theme as the best on the web on UX front. It is indeed quite amazing that when deciding on the design of our own theme, we set forth a few design goals and your theme actually implements almost all of them. You can read more about it here.


  • ht writes:

    Hi Ravi,

    Your theme is just awesome!

    I have no knowledge in creating a theme and wonder if it is possible for that SIDEBAR to go down or up when you scroll. I think it will be more user friendly if it does.

    • ravi writes:

      Hello! That may not work too well: the sidebar can be more than a page length in height and if it constantly scrolls with the page, how would you reach the lower sections? Or perhaps I am misunderstanding your question? (apologies if so).

  • plumpdumpling writes:

    Hi, Ravi! I’m in love with your theme and am using it on a blog I just started (with wildly different colors), but I seem to be having trouble getting Feedburner FeedFlares to work with it. I have them installed on my other blog, so I don’t think it’s a problem of me not knowing what I’m doing. Have you heard of anyone else having Feedburner issues with Ahimsa?

    • ravi writes:

      Thank you for the love ;-), and no I have not heard of issues with FeedBurner. Can you give me more details (code {at} ahren [dot] org)? I can definitely help find/fix the issue.

      • plumpdumpling writes:

        I’ll send you an e-mail shortly, but just in case anyone comes along with the same problem, I wanted to say publicly that I’ve found that the Feedburner Flares appear with the entries in a feed reader such as Google Reader but don’t actually appear with the entries on the site itself.

        So Feedflares work with the theme but not how you expect them to.

  • Dennis writes:

    Excellent theme, so versatile with the new style administration in the backend.

    BUT, the biggest issue I have is I need to make it fixed-width. Monitors are getting wider and wider, and it would be great to have an option to fix the width at a certain value.

    Is this being considered for future releases? Has anyone done this?

    If so, I’d really appreciate help making it happen. I’m doing a wedding site for a buddy and time is of the essence.


    • ravi writes:

      I will confess that I am not a fan of fixed width… I did not have plans for implementing it in the future, but the changes required are very minimal. If you want you can file a request at http://ahrencode.16bugs.com/ and I will try to add it to Ahimsa 2.3. In the meantime, if you want hand edit the necessary changes, let me know and I can help.

  • maSnun writes:

    I liked your theme but it’s markup is not valid.

    I would have loved it if it was ok with the markup. Anyway, great work!

  • Bachsau writes:

    What a fucking code!!!

    Avesome style, but it took hours to do some improvement, so that it at least passes a html validation. And there are much more errors and bugs in it.

    All in all a very very bad coding style. You should have a look at selfthtml.

  • Bachsau writes:

    PS: There would be no need of all that special css files and browser switches, if you would create interoperable code.

  • Die unsichtbare Bibliothek » Blog Archive » Halbhirn, Blindfisch, Schrumpfgurke writes:

    […] anzeigen, was tatsächlich an einem Fehler im Theme Ahimsa lag. Ein Ende März erschienenes Update zum Theme (Version 2.2) löst das […]

  • Javier writes:

    Thank you very much for your work in this great theme. I am new to all things computer and like very much the simplicity of the lay out together with the boldness of the colors. I also like all the hidden treasures that you have included. Anyway I write also to ask you if it is a feature or a bug that at the bottom of the (rounded corner) square that holds comments to a post the color changes, as you can see just under my comment (while it is the last). I think it would look more coherent if the color did not change. Thank you again.

    • ravi writes:

      Javier, indeed the colour changes at the bottom. That is also what you see in the bar at the bottom of the post (the one that holds links for Categories, Tags, and Comments). That was intentional. Like you, I am not entirely pleased with it. I will try to come up with something better in the next release.

  • Javier writes:

    Hello again,

    I also agree with a previous comment that the ‘sidebartab’ that opens and closes the sidebar would be nice if it stays fixed to the middle of the screen, like the background, so that is always accesible even after scrolling down a long post or the front page. Better still if it would slide down as the “scrowfollow” here (which I suposse has a bit of javascript):


    (I like that feature but I like your design more)

    Also the fields for Name and Mail in comments should be smaller so that the text “Mail(will not be published)” does not overflow to the next line. Hope you like my opinions.

    • ravi writes:

      Javier, interestingly enough, in my first implementation I did have the sidebar tab stay fixed and visible as the page scrolled. I too liked that idea. The problem was that I did that using a CSS feature that permits an element to have a fixed position and that CSS feature is not supported in IE6 (and perhaps also IE7). :-( The other option, as you suggest is to dynamically move the tab down using JavaScript as the page is scrolled. I am not a fan of that idea — the movement is not smooth and gives a poor user experience, in my humble opinion. In the near future, as IE6 dies out, I could possibly switch back to that implementation.

      I agree with you about the size of the fields in the comment input section. I will decrease them for the next release.

  • Dee writes:

    Hi. First I love, love, love your theme.

    I’m trying to put an image in the header, left side where the title goes, but have so far failed. I’ve tried to put it in the style sheet and it’s not working. Do you have any other suggestions?

  • kummy writes:

    Dear author,
    Why is my Blog title is not displayed properly, I mean, it shoud be Wide like [My Blog],
    but mine is tall like this


    How can I fix this issue??

    • ravi writes:

      kummy, do you have a pointer to your blog? In general, you can prevent the wrap around from happening by using   instead of spaces in the title you define in the Admin section. E.g: Ahren Code.

  • mickelodeon writes:

    Hi Ravi-

    I love this theme to distraction, but am having a small issue that I’m sure you can help me with. When I click on any of the links under the Projects portion of the sidebar, all I get is a blank page. If I can get this fixed, I would be a very happy girl. Thanks! :D

  • Mike Turco writes:


    I’m using your theme and really like it a lot. I want to update to your current theme. What is the best way to do this? Do I just copy the new folder over the old one? Will all my plugins keep their existing configuration? Will I have to do any technical stuff?

    Over time I have made some changes to the existing files in your theme, as required by plugins and what not. I suppose those changes are gone, but… that’s life!

    Thanks for this theme, I really like it a lot!


    • ravi writes:

      Mike, apologies for the late response. You can customise the colours of the theme using the built-in “skins” feature. Be warned: you have to backup your skins before you upgrade the theme, since the WordPress upgrade process wipes out all files in the theme directory. If you want to do more extensive changes, your idea is not a bad one: you can either create a new directory with a different name and copy over all the files and edit them. Or if you are more adventurous you can create a child theme. Instructions for the latter are here: http://op111.net/53 (you can also do a Google search for “WordPress child theme” to get more relevant pages).

  • Rudra writes:

    Hi, Ravi
    I got to admit, your theme Ahimsa is really AWESOME!! I like it, really, really like it.
    I do have a request. Can you add page in top of the header? it would be really cool.

    • ravi writes:

      Rudra, thank you for the comment. I am not sure I understand what you mean by “add page in top of the header?”. Do you mean add links to pages, in the header?

  • Chris writes:

    Love love love the theme! Any way to add image to header? Explicit directions? I don’t know coding. Thanks!

  • Rick writes:

    I looked for a long time to find a fluid theme I liked. Yours was the best. I hope you keep on developing it.

  • Mojtaba Cazi writes:

    Thank you for your beautiful wordpress theme!
    I have some question about it!
    The first one is about \Feedback\ button (Right side of your blog)! How can I add this to mine?
    2nd, how can i add the download button (as download button on top of this page) to my posts?
    Last question is about \PageNavi\ plugin! Is it possible to integrate pagenavi with ahimsa theme?!

    Thank you!

    • ravi writes:

      Mojtaba, I am certain I responded to your comment but now I don’t see it! Apologies! The “Feedback” button is not part of my theme. It’s from Get Satisfaction — you can get a similar widget by signing up at http://getsatisfaction.com/. If you are still interested in the Download button please let me know. The image is part of Ahimsa and I can give you details on how to add it. Page navigation is an idea that has been requested multiple times. I will examine the plugin and consider some ideas of my own as well. I am not sure of the timeframe though.

  • Javier Frachi writes:

    Hi !

    Thanks for made this template. I need your help. I wanna change the background color of this template. Precisely i wanna change the “silver” dark color which is over the orange.
    Did you understand or I made complicate? :)

    Thanks for your work ! !

    • ravi writes:

      Javier, apologies for having missed your comment. Please let me know if I can still help. What you want can be easily accomplished using a custom.css file in your Ahimsa theme folder, in which you can add the relevant CSS. The background has two colours and a stripe, and I need to know which one (or all three?) you want to change.

  • Luke writes:

    I love this theme. I spent a long time trying to find one that was pretty, colorful, and simple, not flashy. Love the color options, it is tedious trying to customize them, but it’s great for a start. Can’t wait for future updates!

  • Steve McI writes:

    An earlier comment informed me how to make the sidebar wider. That’s great, but I’d like to make the blog title the same width as the sidebar. How do I do that?

    • ravi writes:

      Steve, apologies for the late response. I had completely missed out on a bunch of comments and yours was one of them. There isn’t an easy way to make the sidebar and the title the same width (though I think from a visual/design perspective its a good idea and I have always wanted to do that). One way is to set both of them to the same width, but that might be too restrictive.

  • Timothy Fahey writes:

    HI Ravi,
    Thanks for your template. It’s very nice. My boss wants me to fix a few things. I know the adjustments need to go into the appeance\editor.

    Here is what I need to change:

    They want a full layout
    – no green and dark grey background (possibly all white or all black)
    – switch the red top banner to the light grey that I’m using for the middle page
    – Samson Properties logo need s to be bigger and centered with the tagline just below it
    “1,400 Professional Realtors®”
    – take out search bar
    – add the Cardinal Title and First Heritage logos in the top banner on either side of the Samson logo
    – take out date
    Can you help me out with the coding on this?

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