Caffeinated: an RSS reader for the Mac
August 20th, 2012 by ravi

I have stopped doing app reviews on this blog; nevertheless, a quick pos to pitch a Mac RSS reader I have been using lately:

If, like me, you went searching a few years ago for an alternative for NetNewsWire (the well-respected granddaddy of Mac newsreaders) – because NNW was falling behind the times when it comes to “sharing” – you likely settled on Reeder, like I did. Reeder is well-designed and has an integrated Readability view that brings back the pleasure of reading a web page for its content unhindered by flashy graphics and other adornments. Reeder also lets you save your articles away to Instapaper and other places or post them to Twitter, Delicious and the like.

But the snake in this paradise is Reeder’s stubborn lack of support for marking a set of articles as read. This is a debilitating weakness for any user who has more than a few feeds to read: if you have a few hundred unread articles (just Slate and TechCrunch alone can reach that count in a couple of days, dog bless them), it helps to scan the titles and mark the uninteresting scanned ones as “read” in one operation. With Reeder, that is not possible.

Enter Caffeinated. An RSS reader quite similar to Reeder in look and capabilities, with the difference that it cost about USD2.00 lesser. That is until a week ago, when the author of Caffeinated (dare I claim, on my suggestion from a few months ago) added a “Select and Mark as Read” feature. Relief, at last!

myWPEdit Image

While this one feature now puts Caffeinated well above Reeder for a serious RSS user, there are many things that remain for Caffeinated to learn. Such as a working Readability toggle for full pages (that is supported by Reeder). Or the single keystroke shortcuts that I greatly miss from NetNewsWire (but am willing to admit is neither consistent with OS X UI nor as important to most users as it is to me). The responsiveness of the developer gives me hope that many such features will follow.

The verdict: I highly recommend Caffeinated if you use a Mac and use RSS to read news.

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