DropZone makes file transfers fun
August 27th, 2009 by ravi

Author's Choice Did I say file transfers? That’s an injustice becauseĀ DropZone can do more than file transfers. It can zip and email files, install apps, upload pictures, post them to Twitter or Posterous (did I tell you about Posterous? well, that’s the next post), print stuff (though you really shouldn’t be killing trees in the 21st century), generate short URLs via bit.ly … and all that for less cost ($10) than it took me to type up this list (what, you don’t think my time is worth $1/minute?).

And if you are capable of coding in Ruby, then DropZone provides a well-documented API using which you can write your own extensions. I plan to write one (though I am not a Ruby programmer) that uploads dropped files to a WordPress blog (using XML-RPC)… using the WordPress provided mechanism (XML-RPC) is useful because uploaded files (images) then show up in the built-in media manager (uploading such files via FTP, SCP, etc., will not have this effect).

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  • Chris writes:

    I used it for a couple of days, but ultimately decided that it did lots of things, but no single thing it does spectacularly. I like DropCopy better for transferring files across the network, the Flickr integration was pretty limited, and many of the other tools seem outside of my daily needs. It certainly has potential, but not not essential in its present form.

    • ravi writes:

      Chris, thank you for the comment. I see your perspective… for me though, as someone who is constantly uploading images, zip files, etc to various remote directories, DropZone works beautifully to quickly drag and drop. Bit.ly etc are icing! There is also a free tool called DockDrop with a smaller set of capabilities than DropZone.

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