Audacity of Tanish: A theme for WordPress

Ahren Code’s Audacity of Tanish is a WordPress Theme with a dark motif and some slick (IMHO!) jQuery action for post display and collapsing, etc. Click on the links to the left to download the theme (you can also install it from the WordPress site), view screenshots and a grainy video, or post feature or bugfix requests.


  • Darker colours with bright text
  • JavaScript effects for showing hiding posts, post info and links, etc
  • Bottom bars: sidebars at the bottom (up to three)
  • Configurable background tile and image
  • Option to show Blog Authors in bottom bar
  • Author Gravatar in post
  • Comments block show/hide
  • … and a lot more

Please click on the Screenshots link above to get a preview of the theme.


This theme is released under the latest version of the GPL (currently v3), whichever that may be at the time of your use. For the GPL, see: are free to use this theme for any purpose you choose, in a manner that conforms to the GPL. I would like you to leave the attribution at the bottom of the theme, but you are not required to do so.


Visit the WordPress site for detailed and authoritative instructions on installing themes. For the impatient: it is usually as simple as extracting the archive and copying the directory (“tanish”) into your WordPress installation directory under wp-contents/themes.


Versions of this theme lower than 1.0 (e.g: 0.9) are, as the number indicates, alpha releases. They have not been fully tested on all browsers (in particular IE7 and Chrome). Please be aware of this if you should choose to use this theme. I would love to hear from you if you find issues, so that I can fix them ASAP.

If you like this theme, or especially if you decide to use it, send me email or post a link to this site, leave a comment here, or some such, so I know it was useful! And if you really, really like it, how about rating it at

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