New(er) MacBooks, Leopard and Parallels
December 12th, 2007 by ravi

If you have a new(er) (perhaps circa 2007) MacBook or MacBook Pro, and are using Leopard, you may be facing problems installing Windows on Parallels even if you upgrade to the version of Parallels Desktop recommended by them. In my case, the problem was that after the Windows install started up, loaded drivers, and began OS install, there was a BSOD with errors that started with:


After reading through various forums (not directly related to Parallels) I got the suspicion that this may be related to the CD/DVD drive access. A call to Parallels yielded a quick and friendly workaround that did work around the problem by:

  • Upgrading to the recommended Parallels version (link above)
  • Deleting the Parallels Windows XP VMs from my disk (default parent directory: /Users/your-id/Documents/Parallels/)
  • Cleaning out Trash and rebooting
  • Using the Disk Utility to rip the CD image to my desktop as a DMG
  • Restarting Parallels Windows XP VM install and pointing it to the CD image

If you need finer instructions, please ping me. I couldn’t find this info anywhere on the net.

Screenshots: Ahren Mod Booklets 0.9
December 5th, 2007 by ravi

A screenshot of the Ahimsa display plug in for Books, available in Booklets version 0.9 and above:

Click to view larger image

Download: Ahren Mod Booklet 0.9
December 5th, 2007 by ravi

If you don’t know what this is about, click on the Booklets link in the sidebar menu. In short this is a collection of display plug-ins for the Mac application Books.

What’s new:

  • AhrenMod Sandy Hook
  • AhrenMod Ahimsa

Sandy Hook is quite similar to the Lavender theme that’s in 0.8. Ahimsa is a theme modelled on this website and its WordPress theme (also called Ahimsa).

Download: AhrenModBooklets-0.9.dmg

Technorati Post — Please ignore
December 4th, 2007 by ravi

This post is to get this blog signed up at Technorati. This post serves to verify ownership.

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Download: Ahimsa 0.5
December 4th, 2007 by ravi

This release includes:

  • Curved border for post entries
  • Removed border/underline for list items
  • Added background colour for UL (should do OL!)
  • Background colour change for comments, reply box
  • Changes to reply submit button
  • Widened blockquote width

And various other small changes and fixes. This site has already been updated with this version of the theme.


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