Download: Ahimsa 3.3
September 6th, 2010 by ravi

The only three things guaranteed in life are death, taxes… and your periodic update to the Ahimsa theme. Fortunately only the first two are injurious to your health, while the surgeon general actively encourages use of the Ahimsa theme by pregnant women and children ages four and above.

So, here it is, Ahimsa 3.3!

What’s new?

  • Bottom bar fading in index page now uses jQuery
  • Show permitted HTML tags when comment box gains focus
  • Edit/Reply for Comments hide/display on hover
  • Added a download box style (use a div with class=downloadbox and within that a link to the download with class=download)
  • New “comment guide” option to display some help text next to comment box
  • Fixed comment date/time display weirdness
  • Added Google “Droid Sans” font as fallback for “Trebuchet MS”
  • Converted all relative font specifications to absolute pt format
  • Lightened blockquote and list backgrounds in default skin
  • Removed first letter styling for post content
  • Changed behaviour of blockquotes and lists not to stretch background under jacent elements
  • Handle lists within blockquotes by not styling them
  • More spacing between posts in the index/home view
  • Fixed the “single pixel offset” problem when sidebar is collapsed
  • Made background colour more consistent during slidebar slide in/out
  • Fixed an issue where post bottom bar background colour did not extend all the way to the bottom
  • CSS cleanup and many, many small fixes
  • Tested on Firefox 3.6.3, Safari 5, Chrome 5.0
Download: Rachel 0.93 for WordPress
June 27th, 2010 by ravi

Germany might have spanked English bottoms today but you can come out on top with this spanking new release of Rachel for WordPress! This is version 0.93 and along with fixing various annoyances and anti-features (some like to call them “bugs”), it adds support for WordPress 3.0’s nifty background colour/image options. Want to know what’s fixed? Visit the GitHub Commit Log and read about the changes made after 2010-06-16.

This version of the theme is close to approval and should go live at shortly (I hope!). A shout-out is owed to Tom Lany for his patient and detailed review comments.

See previous post for screenshots.

Download: Rachel 0.8 for WordPress
June 17th, 2010 by ravi

Rachel is a theme for WordPress. Read more about it here.


Download: Fotile 0.9
June 2nd, 2010 by ravi

Fotile is a simple web app for generating a tile puzzle from an image, which can then be solved by swapping pieces. Images can be loaded from a URL, from a local directory (under your Fotile installation root) or from Flickr’s “interesting” page. You can read more about Fotile here.

Download: Ahimsa 3.2 for WordPress
May 25th, 2010 by ravi

You can now download Version 3.2 of the Ahimsa for WordPress theme from the link below, or from the site shortly (once it is approved). If you are upgrading from a version of Ahimsa older than 3.1 and you have made customisations and created custom skins, you should first upgrade to Ahimsa 3.1.1 after reading about it.

  • Tested: Safari4, Chrome 3 on Win, Chrome 5 for Mac, Firefox 3.6, IE7, IE8, Opera 10.53, PHP 4.3 and above, WP 2.8 and above
  • No longer supported: IE6, Safari < 3.1
  • Internationalisation support (potential translators: please see included POT file)
  • Rotated text in sidebar tab
  • Support for header logo
  • Changes for rounded corners on Opera 10.53 and higher
  • More robust parsing by QFGallery shortcode
  • Theme now uses jQuery bundled into WordPress
  • Removed jQuery conflicts with MooTools (and MooTools based plugins), etc
  • Sidebar show/hide effect is now “slide” rather than “fade”
  • Added hint on permitted tags when focus is on comment response form
  • New screenshot! ;-)
  • Various other fixes

I am yet to write up instructions on how to use the two shortcodes (QFGallery and FAQinway) built into Ahimsa. I will get to that as soon as I get this post out.

Yet another Markdown Cheatsheet
March 12th, 2010 by ravi

I have created a cheatsheet for Markdown. See this page for info and download links.

Download: Ahimsa 3.1 for WordPress
February 9th, 2010 by ravi

If you are an Indianapolis Colts fan, take heart. All is not wrong with the world, for now there is a new version of the Ahimsa theme for WordPress. Alright, okay, a new version of some WordPress theme does not equal a SuperBowl ring, but remember, you don’t get to wear a SuperBowl ring but you do get to decorate your blog as you desire!

Read the rest of this entry »

Download: Audacity of Tanish 1.0.1 for WordPress
October 6th, 2009 by ravi

This is a small release that replaces images that may or may not be GPL/free with ones that definitely are (it also includes more background images). There are some minor fixes and also some code cleanup.

Download Audacity of Tanish for WordPress 1.0.1

Download Audacity of Tanish for WordPress 1.0.1

This should be up at WordPress as well shortly.

Download: Audacity of Tanish 0.7 for Posterous
September 22nd, 2009 by ravi

Download Audacity of Tanish 0.7 for Posterous

Download Audacity of Tanish 0.7 for Posterous

This is version 0.7 of Audacity of Tanish — a theme for Posterous. If you do not know what Posterous is, you should find out. This is the first release of the theme. The version number means that it is incomplete — which does not imply that its buggy (which all software is!) but that more essential styling and changes are on their way.

Download: Audacity of Tanish 1.0 for WordPress
September 14th, 2009 by ravi

Download Audacity of Tanish 1.0

Download Audacity of Tanish 1.0

Audacity of Tanish for WordPress is a theme for WordPress — more info here. What’s new in this release:

  • Tileable configurable background choices
  • Option to display most recent post in expanded mode, in the index/home page
  • Popout styling for selected post in index/home page
  • Superimposed author gravatar in post page
  • Collapsible comments block, now attached to the post
  • Built-in support for FancyBox using a WP shortcode (qfgallery)
  • Styling for TABLEs, headings and PREs
  • Ping/trackback comments support
  • Support for multi-page posts
  • More IE related fixes
  • More configuration options
  • Better/clearer link to post page in index page
  • Cleaned up the stylesheet
  • and many, many fixes

Click here for some Screenshots and a video of AoT in action.

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