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All Ahren Code software is released under the GPL. You can use these themes and applications without any payment or attribution. If you choose/desire to contribute to these projects, you can do so in multiple ways:

  • Code: you can contribute changes to the code if you are into that sort of thing. The sources for all these projects are on GitHub and you should fork them to add your changes and contact me so I can pull your changes in.
  • Test: put these tools/themes through the works and let me know if you find bugs. You can create issue reports at Github.

You can also express your appreciation for my work by donating to one of these organisations:

GreenpeaceFree Software FoundationAmnesty International

Finally, you can donate to my development effort1 by clicking on the below:

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  1. all contributions will be used solely for hardware, tools and subscriptions that are related to the software that I release for free here
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If you need help with one of my software projects, please click: Using that link, you might even find a previous report of (and solution for) the issue!
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