Ahimsa for WordPress: Version 2.0
October 28th, 2008 by ravi

Below is the download link for version 2.0 of the Ahimsa theme for WordPress.

Download Ahimsa 2.0 for WordPress
Ahimsa for WordPress
Version 2.0

As indicated by the major version number change, there are a lot of new features in this release:

  • Admin preference panel for setting customising various settings
  • Collapsible sidebar:
    • Sidebar now present on pages and posts also, but collapsed.
    • Sidebar visible on main/home page but collapsible.
    • Tab on side of main section can be used to hide/unhide sidebar.
    • Sidebars collapse with neat fade effect on non-IE browsers.
  • Authors section in sidebar can now be disabled if so desired.
  • Custom copyright text shown at bottom of page.
  • Credits (back to my site) are no longer always visible at bottom.
  • Login/logout and RSS links now moved to the top.
  • Smaller font size for the page, post and comment text.
  • More XHTML compatibility.
  • Category and Tag bubbles more subtle on main page:
    • Option to fade them unless hovered over, to minimise distraction.
    • More subtle rendering of tags and categories without bubbles.
  • Support for a “Links” section at the top of the main/home page, using
    the Delicious for WordPress plugin (plugin has to be present).
  • More consistent styling (e.g: Next/Previous page links at bottom.
  • Removed the white border around main section.
  • More attempts at decent IE rendering. Still no curved borders, but
    post titles now render similar to Firefox/Safari/Chrome. A lot of
    such IE specific fixes.
  • Dulled down the rather bright bluish colour of quoted text.
  • Even for long blog titles, space between title and vertical bar
    in header is preserved.
  • Lots of other subtle fixes and changes.

A word of caution: some of these changes might be reversed in a later release. I am ambivalent about:

  • Replacing the clean green line separating the bubbles for categories
    and tags with a fading grey box. The green line might return!
  • Reducing the font size of entry text. I have to see how this renders
    across browsers, fonts and screen resolutions.
  • Top fixed section for login/logout and RSS links might undergo more,
    including perhaps moving to the left edge of the page.
Ahimsa for WordPress: Version 1.2
October 28th, 2008 by ravi

Just realised that I had not uploaded Version 1.2 of my Ahimsa theme for WordPress here, though I had posted it at wordpress.org. Here it is:

Ahimsa for WordPress
Version 1.2
Download Ahimsa 1.2 for WordPress

This version introduces a few changes:

  • Category and tag bubbles
  • Support for sidebar widgets
  • Other WordPress.org theme requirements
  • Lots of other features that I now forget!
Internet history revisionism — funny version
October 20th, 2008 by ravi

A zillion years ago, Salon (or Slate? or Wired?) misrepresented Al Gore as claiming to have invented the Internet, and pundits suggest that that, along with all the debate sighing, cost him the election. That’s a horrid case of Internet history revisionism. Here is a more amusing one, from “Padmasree Warrior – technology boss at networking giant Cisco”:

BBC | Valley Girls: Padma Warrior

“The internet started as a business tool but it has now flipped the other way.”

Eh, wot?

Cloud computing is a trap, warns GNU founder
October 7th, 2008 by ravi

Via the Guardian, Richard Stallman’s take on Cloud Computing:

Cloud computing is a trap, warns GNU founder | guardian.co.uk

“One reason you should not use web applications to do your computing is that you lose control,” he said. “It’s just as bad as using a proprietary program. Do your own computing on your own computer with your copy of a freedom-respecting program. If you use a proprietary program or somebody else’s web server, you’re defenceless. You’re putty in the hands of whoever developed that software.”

[ Link ]

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