Facebook schadenfreude is okay, but some honesty please!
May 22nd, 2012 by ravi

Facebook might only provide a Like button on its site, but that hasn’t stopped people from hating on the company in the last few days. There is much glee over the dismal performance of the stock which is now about $10 below its IPO price from a week ago. People mock or dismiss Facebook for a variety of reasons: They don’t like it when the user interface is changed without their consent. Some find the whole social networking business beneath their intellect. So on. Fine, you are pissed and you are happy the stock is tanking. I sympathise.

But, really, enough with the pointers to the stock performance as some sort of rational consequence or symptom of your diagnosis of Facebook’s failings. This is the same market that currently values Apple at a P/E of 13.58 while Amazon and LinkedIn hold such potential that they trade at a P/E of 176.85 and 626.77 respectively.

Really convincing, that market. You are sure you want to hitch your logic wagon to it?

A summary of recent tech news
May 1st, 2012 by ravi

It’s going to be a great week in techlandia:

  • Microsoft and Barnes & Noble team up to defeat Apple and Amazon. Once they figure out what to call their collaboration.
  • Not content to wait on the sidelines, RIM releases developer alpha BlackBerry 10. Which doesn’t make phone calls.
  • And the “rogue” “hacker” who spied on people’s wireless networks for Google turns out to have spelled out his plans in his project proposal. Which his managers claim they never read. The silver lining: finally, some proof that nobody reads project planning documents.
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