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Ahren Code’s Ahimsa is a set of styles/themes which started out as a WordPress theme. This page relates to the WordPress theme. You can also download:

This WordPress theme doesn’t need screenshots, since it’s the very theme you see on this site! It’s an extremely amateur effort (especially in the sense of the principles of UI design) but I am putting it out into the world anyway, in the unlikely case that someone might find it interesting.

If you are interested in keeping up to date with this theme subscribe to this blog, or follow us on Twitter, or Facebook. You can also click on the Bug Tracker link to file bugs or feature requests against this theme.



Ahimsa supports skins — CSS stylesheets that can be created and modified using the Ahimsa Options page of the Admin section of your blog. Skins can be used to customise the colour scheme of the theme to your liking.

You can even share your skin with other users. Upload the skin file (it can be found in the directory skins under the theme directory) to a site of your liking (I recommend Dropbox) and send me a link, or contact me via email and I can host the file for you. I will then provide download links in this page for each of these skins. If you plan to use such a user contributed skin, please note that I do not provide any sort of assurance on their contents, nor can I support them (sorry).

Custom Styling

If a skin doesn’t go far enough for you, and you are a CSS ninja who wants more control and detail, all you need to do is create a file called custom.css in the theme directory, in which you can add any styles you desire. And when you upgrade Ahimsa, this file is left alone, so your customisations are safe.

Custom Footer

Those little snippets of JavaScript and other code that sites like Google Analytics wants you to add to your site — typically you add them to your footer (though for Google Analytics there is a great plugin) and then when you upgrade/update your theme you lose them. To avoid that, you can create a file called footer-custom.php and put all such code in there. This file is automatically included in the footer by Ahimsa and is never touched by it. Just make sure your update process doesn’t nuke this file, if you have added customisations to it!


This theme is released under the latest version of the GPL (currently v3), whichever that may be at the time of your use. For the GPL, see: http://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl.html.You are free to use this theme for any purpose you choose, in a manner that conforms to the GPL. I would like you to leave the attribution at the bottom of the theme, but you are not required to do so.


Visit the WordPress site for detailed and authoritative instructions on installing themes. For the impatient: it is usually as simple as extracting the archive and copying the directory (“ahimsa”) into your WordPress installation directory under wp-contents/themes.


This is by no means a “best practices”, complete or feature-rich theme. At some point, I hope it will be. In particular, you may wish to note the below:

  • The theme is intended to be bold yet pleasing. YMMV! ;-) It was built, like many other themes, by hacking the default. A cursory look at the contents will demonstrate the rather shallow understanding of the CSS and PHP involved. I hope to clean up most of that in future releases, if there is interest in this theme.
  • The theme uses rounded-borders using Mozilla/Gecko and WebKit/KHTML/Safari/Chrome specific CSS attributes. I could use the CSS3 border-radius attribute, and I probably will, but it won’t help much since IE does not support it anyway.
  • Ahimsa can be taken to mean “non-violence”.

If you like this theme, or especially if you decide to use it, please consider rating it at WordPress.org.


Some links to translations of Ahimsa into other languages:

PLEASE NOTE: these translations are not created or tested by me, but are the work of other Ahimsa users in the spirit of extending free software. I am grateful that they found Ahimsa worth the trouble of translating.


371 Responses  
  • nonegiven writes:

    I really like your design, I think it is good, but there are weird glitches that need working out, e.g. I do not see why when I choose to comment on a post, the size of the font on the original post has to change.

    I guess you know tables are on their way out?

    I tried it in http://validator.w3.org and it comes up with a lot or problems I do not understand. ;-(

    • ravi writes:

      Hello, which version of Ahimsa are you using? The latest (3.0)
      includes many many fixes to pass W3C validation. Ignoring actual post
      contents (over which the theme has little control), I was able to pass
      the validation except for about three issues (one of them to do with
      the use of the 'onresize' JavaScript trigger). Commenting on a post
      should not change the size of the font… is this the font of the post
      content or the comments or some other font size? Any information or
      screenshot you can provide would be very useful in fixing the problem.

      Thank you for writing!

  • Pokornyz writes:

    Hi I have problem if I using Ahimsa theme Lightbox JS in my-gallery plugin is not working and others plugins using java
    Can I solve it?
    Thanks a lot

    • ravi writes:

      Pokornyz, I think that's because Lightbox uses Prototype, a JS
      toolkit, whose namespace conflicts with jQuery another JS toolkit that
      I use in Ahimsa. There are jQuery based Lightbox plugins for WordPress
      (see: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/jquery-lightb
      but if you would rather not switch, let me know, and I can give you
      a version of Ahimsa that avoids the namespace clash (that's going to
      be part of the next version of Ahimsa).

      • Pokornyz writes:

        I Tried use jQuery Lightbox plugin it helps with Lightbox in my-gallery, but I am using too Booking Calendar which don’t work correctly. Can You please send me that version of Ahimsa that avoids the namespace clash
        Thanks a lot

      • Pokornyz writes:

        Hi ravi can you please send me this version thanks

  • abuhamza writes:

    well realy its v good theme and i m using it for my website, its user frindly , simple and superb.
    i need to make some chnages and will ctc sometimes for that. many congs for such beuatiful theme.
    Best regards

  • Sayontan writes:

    I love the look of your theme.
    I have a technical question for you – how do you prevent the custom.css from being overwritten during an upgrade? I see that to be an issue with my theme.


    • ravi writes:

      Sayontan, it is an issue indeed, and I don’t have a way to prevent it. In fact, I was unaware that WP nukes the existing theme directory during an upgrade. For a future version of my theme, I plan to either support skins, custom.css etc using child themes or by storing these files in a directory outside the theme directory (e.g: wp-uploads).

  • G.Santana writes:

    I found this layout in WP theme directory and it’s my current favorite!

    I have a problem with it though; when I disabled the comments on my pages, it seems to have a problem in the comments-old.php code. Is there any way to fix it? Thanks in advance!

    • ravi writes:

      Hello, sorry for the late response. The comments-old.php file has a bug in it that has been fixed and will be in a new version coming shortly. In the meantime, can you please edit comments-old.php and add <?php on the first line? That should fix the problem.

  • Charles Kaluwasha writes:

    Hi Sam,
    I like the theme and have uploaded it to use on one of my blogs, but have trouble shooting as you can see on the header. Is there a way to make 2 side bars
    How can I fix it?

    Kind regards

    • ravi writes:


      multiple sidebars will be available in version 3.1 of the theme
      (coming in October). I am not sure I understand your problem though —
      can you explain a bit? Also, your blog is throwing SQL errors —
      probably caused by the \”Comment relish\” plugin, if you have it

  • mario writes:

    Hi Ravi,
    first of all congrats and thanks for this interesting theme (I love Sarvodaya skin).
    I’m planning to use it with wp-oscommerce (and wordpress of course), do you have some suggestions for search engine optimization?

  • Julius writes:

    This is a really basic question, but I am a newbie to blogging and don’t know HTML codes. I have just signed up with the free WordPress blog. I use a Mac and Safari as my web browser. I have downloaded ahimsa, but how do I activate the ahimsa template?

    • ravi writes:

      Hello Julius,

      did you sign up at WordPress.com? If so, you are restricted to the set
      of themes they offer with the service, unless you sign up for the
      premium service. As far as I know, they do not offer Ahimsa as one of
      the available themes to the free users, unfortunately.

  • Flávio Domingues writes:

    Dear Sirs,

    I’m trying to use your Ahimsa Skin, but I could not translate to portuguese many words in the page… like Leave a reply… Submit Comment… Next… September…. is it possible?

    My best regards.

    • ravi writes:

      Flavio, the next version of the theme will have internationalisation support. I would still need help from native language speakers to provide the actual translations for these words.

  • Ruben Gonzalez writes:

    maybe i’m blind or i don’t know what is wrong, but i don’t see my “pages” in the sidebar, any idea??

    solotips . com

    • ravi writes:

      Ruben, do you still have this problem? Sorry for the late response. Did you make sure to save your widget changes in your Dashboard, if you are using a version of WP <= 2.7?

  • estraco » Ahimsa writes:

    […] française du thème ahimsa en bonne […]

  • Hein writes:


    Great awesome wp theme. I love it but it do have one question. At this moment you have a sidebar tab on the left, click it and the sidebar appears. Would it be possible to have a sidebar tab that moves down when a visitor scrolls down the list of posts? So they won’t have to scrol back up again to open the sidebar?


  • Ruben Gonzalez writes:

    please help, i cannot see the pages with the theme i don’t know why, if i change to the basic theme is showed normally, do i have to activate something?

  • Swing Out Thailand writes:

    Thanks for your work. Magnificent is wonder design and colors are pretty.

  • Hein writes:


    Currently the Sidebar has the word Sidebar but where can i change the word displayed in the tab to say Menu or List ?


  • Alexander writes:

    Thank you, Ravi! Nice job, but I don’t see rounded corners in Opera 10.10.1724, Opera 9.62, IE 8.0.6001.18702. PC: Windows XP SP3, win32.

    • ravi writes:

      Alexander, I am afraid there is only sketchy support for rounded corners in non Gecko/Webkit browsers (i.e., browsers other than Safari, Firefox, Chrome).

  • aquabow writes:

    Thanks for your great work!
    I like the theme very much, and of course I used it as my blog’s theme. It looks very cool!
    Wish to your more and better works!

  • Jon writes:

    I love this theme, but is it possible to get a third right hand column / sidebar?

  • Alfred Siapa Yang Pantas writes:

    great themes… i love the lay out and colour !
    thanks Ravi :D

  • plumpdumpling writes:

    I’m sort of freaking out. I had a custom style in place, and when I upgraded today, my custom CSS disappeared. The file is nowhere to be seen in my skins folder. I had a backup in another folder, but it’s from a couple of versions ago. Do you know why it wasn’t saved or where it was moved to?

    • ravi writes:


      I am afraid I have bad news… I just found this out recently myself:
      if you upgrade using the WordPress built-in theme upgrade mechanism,
      the upgrade deletes the existing theme directory completely, before it
      installs the new one. And since I store the skins within the theme
      directory, they are lost during the upgrade. I was not aware of this
      unfortunately. And now I am thinking of options to (a) communicate it
      to users so that others do not suffer this problem you just did, (b)
      put in changes in the next version of Ahimsa to store the skins

      I am terribly sorry for the changes you lost. Your only option might
      be any backup that might be done by your hosting provider. Do you
      think that's a possibility?

      • Sayontan writes:

        As I mentioned in my previous post I had the same problem. I got around it by defining a theme option for custom CSS, which gets invoked while the page is loaded. That seems to work for now, though I am really interested in a fix where the user would be able to put personal files in the theme directory without the risk of them being overwritten.

        I posted a question on the WP forum yesterday: http://wordpress.org/support/topic/318770. Some themes like Atahualpa are upgrade-safe in the sense that the files and directories that you create in them stay that way. I somehow got the feeling that it may have something to do with package definitions, but I have no evidence of it.

        Regardless, if you find a way to tackle the overwrites problem (not using options), I would love to hear from you!


        • ravi writes:

          Sayontan, I discussed this on the WP hackers mailing list. As I suspected (and you know as well), when a theme is upgraded using the WP interface, the existing directory is completely nuked, destroying any files created within. There are two ways to overcome this:

          a) keep the customisation files in another directory: one suggestion is to use the uploads directory. Another is to use WP_CONTENT_DIR/somedir (e.g: WP_CONTENT_DIR/theme-files/theme-name/…….).

          b) create your customisations as a child theme. Seehttp://op111.net/53.

          I am not sure which way I am going to go. (b) is cleaner but has some issues with regard to WP Options and also the current structure of my code.

      • plumpdumpling writes:

        I have no idea how you’d let anyone know about the terror they may experience after upgrading, but hopefully others are better than I am at backing up. Luckily, Google had a decent cached version of my blog, so I just modeled it after that.

        And I learned a lesson in the process, so all is well.

        • ravi writes:

          Yes, it would be impossible to warn the current users in a reliable way. I am hoping that mentions on the Facebook page, Twitter feed etc, will grab the attention of some if not all. The next release of the theme will include an explicit warning regarding this.

          I am glad you were able to reconstruct your customisations.

  • Gabriela writes:

    I love your theme!! I made some color setting changes but I can’t apply them to my blog. Can you guide me please.

    • ravi writes:

      Gabriela, I cannot visit your URL. Can you explain how you made your colour changes? Did you use the skin capability to create a new skin?

  • Ludger writes:

    I “designed” the new web page for the youth city coucil of Tübingen, Germany using Ahimsa and wordpress. When I presented it, everybody was stunned, even more so when I told them I online wrote a single line of code to create the site. Thanks for this great theme!!!


    • ravi writes:


      thank you for your wonderful comment. As I have written before, these
      really make my day and more than pay off the work I put in on the
      theme. I am delighted that you (and your audience) found it useful.

  • Marieva writes:

    Ravi-just installed your theme with wordpress and go daddy, how do i keep the comments boxes open, they seem to collapse. when i first log on my site it says there are comments only you can’t see them without clicking on “comment”. I’m using this as a blog and want all the comments to be open like yours. Also, how to you use the two-column format, mine looks like just one column. I’m really a novice so thanks for your patience.

    • ravi writes:

      Hello Marieva,

      The design (which is common to most WordPress themes) is to not show
      comments in the home page where (typically) a number of the latest
      posts is shown. A viewer can click on any post (its title) to see the
      full details of the post, including comments. This post page can also
      be visited using the comments link, yes. The comments are not
      collapsed. In the front/home page, the comments are not shown at all.
      Clicking on comments takes you to the post page for that page, which
      also includes the comments.

      In your case, your home/front page is:

      and here you can see the left sidebar and the link for comments. If
      you had more posts, some of those would be shown here as well.

      Then, if you were to click on a particular post in this list, then you
      visit that post page. Example:

      In this page the post is displayed along with comments. The sidebar is
      collapsed to the side by default and can be viewed by clicking on the
      Sidebar tab. You can change this default behaviour by going to your
      blog Admin Dashboard and choosing Appearance -> Ahimsa Options.

  • Donald writes:

    Add me to your list of growing fans! LOVE this theme. I’ve used it on my ‘personal pro’ flash documentation blog, dongarber.com/blog/. It is bright and inviting without being headache-inducing, and I love how it seems to really luxuriate over the monitor instead of being confined to a narrow column. I actually came here to ask about adding a page navigation to the top but saw the advice about simply adding a Pages widget. You’re correct, what indeed if a person has many pages and it looks weird horizontally oriented at the top?

    Thanks very much for this lovely effort!

    • ravi writes:

      Don, Thank you for your lavish praise! It is much appreciated. I am still struggling with how to implement a top page navigation bar… perhaps some sort of scrolling mechanism, so that it stays within one line… I am not sure yet. Additionally, I want to investigate existing plugins that provide this function, along with the ability to style their output — then all I will need to do is make sure that the plugin generated HTML is styled the “Ahimsa way” ;-).

  • Jill & Dee Dee writes:

    Love the theme, several very positive responses. We’re just getting started and consider ourselves well below novices. We are struggling to add images on the product pages. We also can’t seem to figure out a way to add a 2nd jpg image to the pages, we are trying to display the outside and the inside of a greeting card. We are ready to roll our product out but want to get this down first. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated! Thanks so much.

    • ravi writes:

      Hello Jill and Dee Dee. I am glad the theme is working well for you. With regard to you problems: can you point me to examples of pages where you are adding images? There should be nothing in Ahimsa that prevents you from doing such things as you would with other themes. I can definitely help figure this out with you.

  • Hein writes:

    Maybe this script wil help with getting rounded corners in IE


    • ravi writes:

      Hein, thank you for the pointer. There is one problem with this library — it is not released under a GPL license or equivalent, and so cannot be packaged with my theme. Additionally, I am not sure this will overcome some of the problems I have had with similar (even VML based) JavaScript libraries that render rounded corners — they start behaving badly when any dynamic change to the page occurs (such as showing/hiding categories or tags).

  • John writes:

    When will the new version be out (2 sidebars) and how could I be notified?

    • ravi writes:

      John, I was initially shooting for middle of October, but various things (e.g: kids fell sick) have conspired to push that date to the end of the month or early November. There are multiple ways to be notified of any new release: subscribe to this blog since there will be a blog post on it. Or follow Ahren Code on Twitter (http://twitter.com/ahrencode), or join the Facebook page (http://facebook.com/ahrencode). If you would rather forego my idle pontification on this or that tech matter — how dare you! ;-) — then just follow the blog using the tag “ahimsa-wp” (or just “ahimsa” for older posts). E.g: http://ahren.org/code/tag/ahimsa-wp.

  • Lucy writes:

    Loving your theme and my websiteis currently in it’s infancy – I am wanting to upload an image to display everytime I write (like you have the toucan) but am struggling to do it – can you help?

    Also I know it is one of the design features but wondered is there a way to remove the collapsable sidebar so it is open the whole time?

    Thanks a million and thanks for a great piece of kit!


    • ravi writes:

      Hello Lucy, if you go to your Dashboard -> Appearance -> Ahimsa Options you can check a preference to always leave Sidebar displayed. Regarding the image: do you want it displayed in the header? Or elsewhere? Thank you.

  • Chris writes:

    Hello Ravi,

    I really like your theme. I’m using your theme on one of my sites!

    I am curious about the feedback box you have on the right hand side of your site.

    Can you tell me what it is and where you got it from? I like it!

  • Andrew writes:

    Hi Ravi,
    I love the Ahimsa theme – it does everything I need it to do and I’ve tied so many different themes… none came close to yours. I am a novice when it comes to web design etc… I’m learning though and i love being able to tweak the theme.

    I would like to add a picture to the header but I don’t understand how to apply the information you put in the thread – do you have an idiots guide? If not, is there anyway to make the header width chunkier – a bigger block than it is already?

    Also, i’d like to make the inner side bar a little wider and not have so much border around it – is this possible?

    Thanks very much whether you’re able to help or not.
    Best wishes… keep up the good work!

  • Andrew writes:

    Thanks for getting back to me Ravi… i really do appreciate it!

    I followed the instructions on the blog post before i contacted you – i was able to locate the theme and modify it, i found the header codes (if that is what they are called) but after that i was unsure what code from your help post to add and where (if that makes sense)? I played around but it didn’t work out very well.

    When i said inner side bar, i did mean the side bar, I use a widget to show the archives – the months are all displayed and would like the sidebar to be slightly wider so that the month and year is on one line rather then two… i’m just being picky so if it can’t be changed that’s fine, i’ll alter the archive widget options to a dropdown box instead.

    Many thanks,

    • ravi writes:

      Andrew, looks like you solved the other problem you reported (the Warning that was appearing at the bottom of your site)? Regarding the above: can you send me via email what you added to your header? I can look at it and tell you what you may be doing wrong. Regarding the sidebar, I see you have already changed to a dropdown. If you want to go back to a list let me know. There is a CSS style attribute you can add to the widget to make the text non-breaking.

  • Hein writes:


    I got the sidebartab moving.

    I added the following to the stylesheet at the sidebartab part:


    That alone did it. The sidebar tab is now fixed in place and i can scroll up and down and stil click on the sidebartab when needed.

    • ravi writes:

      Hein, yes the “position: fixed” is the way to do this, and that’s what I initially had as well, but unfortunately, IE6 (and perhaps also IE7 and IE8) do not implement this [well], so I had to get rid of it. Have you tested your page using IE?

      • Hein writes:

        Position fixed works in FF, IE and Chrome here. So that it solved. Now i only need to edit the sidebarlist to jump to the top of the list when activated.

        • ravi writes:

          Hein, I am surprised it works for you in IE. I am going to fire up my Windows and check your web site … can’t believe it until I see for myself ;-).

  • Andrew writes:

    Hi again Ravi,

    Sorry to bother you once more… i looked at my site earlier and there is some sort of informatation on the bottom of the page that i have no idea why it is there, it wasn’t there earlier and i haven’t done anything to it… this is what it says…

    Warning: file_get_contents(http://24365online.com/_YTG_yu/_dl/get_info.php?host=www.popcart.co.uk&referer=http:^^www.popcart.co.uk^wp-admin^themes.php?activated=true&visitor_ip= [function.file-get-contents]: failed to open stream: HTTP request failed! HTTP/1.1 500 Internal Server Error in /home/sites/popcart.co.uk/public_html/wp-includes/general-template.php on line 61

    Any suggestions about what it is or how to get rid of it?
    Many thanks

    • ravi writes:


      looks like some other theme you used or perhaps a plugin has introduced some spyware! See this thread:

      If indeed some code was injected into the file wp-includes/general-template.php, then you may need to re-install that file from the WordPress source or reinstall WordPress. But before you do, what sort of access do you have to your site? Can you login to it? If you can get hold of the file and mail it to me, I can take a look at it for you.

      • Andrew writes:

        Thanks once again Ravi…

        I opted for a dropdown archive widget… eventually it will take up less space as the months go by!

        I haven’t yet done anything to the header, i copied the original code before i attempted to add the codes from your header help section and then pasted the original code back once it didn’t change. I think I’ll try getting to know how to use codes etc before i try adding a header etc, once i understand how they work it might not be so much of a puzzle.

        Thanks for you help again

        • ravi writes:

          Andrew, contact me any time you wish to have me work on it with you. If you give me an outline of what you are trying to do (e.g: replace the entire header with a banner image? add an icon to the left of the blog title, such as in my blog? replace blog title with image? etc) I can give you more detailed isntructions.

          • Andrew writes:

            Thanks so much Ravi… that really is very kind of you to help! I like the idea of having a thick chunky yet simple banner at the top of the page, at present this image is one that i created and serves as my simple attempt at a log which i use on Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and so on http://www.popcart.co.uk/about-pop-cart/i'd like to use this ‘logo’ in some way if possible.

            At the same time, I’d also be happy with an icon like the one featured left of your blog title too.

            Many thanks

            • ravi writes:

              Andrew, I would be glad to help further. Did you intend to send me a link to the image? If so, you forgot to do so. If you do have a banner that is wide and tall and mentions the site name (assuming you want the site name displayed), the best may be to go with the option of replacing the default/standard header with the image. I can give you the HTML and the steps to do that, if you can give me the image URL. You can send that to me via email as well.

  • Hein writes:

    Ravi, i got the sidebar to become static so it scrolls down. What i would like to acccomplish next is that when i click on the tab to extend the sidebar it goes to the top of the sidebarlist. Any pointers how i might accomplish that?

    • ravi writes:

      Hmm, doesn’t happen for me using Safari. Are you seeing this in Firefox?

      • Hein writes:

        I’ll try to explain better. If you look at rondvierkant.xs4all.nl you’ll see that i have the sidebar set to hide when someone visits the website. When you then scroll down the post the sidebar tab moves down also. When you then click the sidebar tab it does open the sidebar as usual. What i would like to add is that when you click on the sidebar tab it open the sidebarlist and goes to the top of the page again. I think it can be solved by adding a link to the #top anchor but i do not know how.

        • ravi writes:

          Hein I think it might be easier to extend the JavaScript (using scroll(0, 0)) attached to the tab so that when it is clicked the page is also scrolled to the top. If that sounds interesting, let me know and I can point you to where to add the code (in case you don’t figure it out yourself).

  • Hein writes:

    Ofcourse i ment rondvierkant.xs4all.nl/tech

  • Marieva writes:

    I am usung this theme as my blog but can’t seem to keep the comments boxes open, I want my blog to open looking like this one which shows all comments. Also, I’m new to this stuff and need help understanding widgets and plug ins any suggestions.

    • ravi writes:

      Marieva, it seems like you are not quite doing the posts right — the posts are empty and your first comment has the details. I need to chat with you further to advice you, so could you contact me via email. See http://ahren.org/code/contact and click on the email link.

  • CengizCan writes:

    Thank you for your excellent theme! I’m happily using it in my blog. I didn’t remove your watermark in footer :P

    However, there’s a little annoyance I want to show you. I’m using WordPress 2.8.5 and there’s my problem in this screenshot:


    See, tags and categories overlap with their bullet icons. I can try to fix it in stylesheets, however I wanted to report it first.

    It’s an excellent theme!
    Keep up the good work!

    Regards from Turkey

    • ravi writes:

      Yes I do see it! Which browser are you using? I suspect its Internet Explorer, but can you confirm? I do not see the overlap on your site when I use Safari or Firefox. Thank you.

      • CengizCan writes:

        Erm, I did not run IE since 2001.

        I’m using latest Firefox release and problem still persists. I cleaned/wiped/destroyed cache/cookies/etc.

        HTTP_USER_AGENT:Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 6.1; en-US; rv: Gecko/20091102 Firefox/3.5.5

  • Jan Smith writes:

    I’m new at this…how do you customize the header?

    • ravi writes:

      Jan, what sort of customisation are you thinking of? Things like the title, blog description etc can be easily set for any theme (that supports them) using the Dashboard settings page. If you want to change the colours in Ahimsa, you should create a skin. Please note that if you do, you should save your skin before you ugprade, since the upgrade wipes out the entire theme directory including any skin files. If you want to add images to the header see this post: http://ahren.org/code/bit/how-to-add-an-image-in-the-ahimsa-theme-header. Anything else, ask me! ;-)

  • Larry Gore writes:

    I use your theme on a site I built for my homeowners association. The colors are perfect and the layout is exactly what I need.
    There is a problem when I upload a picture – instead of seeing the picture I get a rectangle with diagonal grey/grey lines floating across.
    How can I fix this?

    • ravi writes:

      Larry, this seems to be caused by the events calendar plugin that you are using. Can you temporarily disable it to confirm that is the case?

  • ish writes:

    Could you fix the errors that we get with w3c validation?

    • ravi writes:

      Hello ish,

      with the last release of Ahimsa (3.0 IIRC), I went through many iterations of w3c validation and fixed all but two issues (related to the use of the JavaScript onresize trigger). Do you see a lot of validation errors for your posts/pages? Please keep in mind that I do not have control over all the HTML that is displayed in a blog using my theme: e.g: plugins insert their own markup into the displayed text. But do let me know and I can pursue it further. A link to a W3C validator page with relevant issues would be a great help.

      Thank you.

  • Larry Gore writes:

    That was it! I appreciate your help, this is one of the cleanest, brightest, most flexible themes I have found – and I manage about 15 WP sites.

    Is there a “donate” button on your site?

  • Sowmya writes:

    Hi Ravi, Your theme looks wonderful and I have it on two of my sites http://www.gitaaonline.com/ and http://www.mantraaonline.com/ and I have been getting rave reviews from my readers.

    I recently introduced Google Friend Connect on my Gita site (http://www.gitaaonline.com/) and for some reason the profile pics do not show up with the comments. I think this has to do with the theme, but do not know how to fix this (When I change themes the pictures do show up). If you have any way to fix it, I would really appreciate your help. Sowmya

    • ravi writes:

      Sowmya, thank you for your comment. For comment “avatar”s (profile pics) I use the standard calls to Gravatar. Can you tell me which theme you used in which the Friend Connect profile pics worked? I can take a look at that theme to see if they have enabled special support for it. Also, are you using any of the Google Friend Connect WordPress plugins? If so, which one?

      • tony writes:

        How do I remove the comments feeds box on the pages but not the posts?

        Thanks again for ,making this theme


        • ravi writes:

          Tony, right now there isn’t an easy way to do this due to a poor code/styling decision on my part (which I will address in the next release). If you are fine with waiting for a new release, then I suggest that’s the best option (and could you please file a request for the above as a feature using the Issue Tracker: http://github.com/ahrencode/Ahimsa-for-WP/issues). If you have to try your hand at making the changes right now, you have to edit entry.php and surround the DIV block with id=’postaction’ with an if()/endif. Let me know if you want to try that and I will give you more details.

  • Mike writes:

    In testing I found the code to edit skin had error

    It was extra path added in function (as at this point $skinfile is full path)
    corrected fragment
    function read_skin_file($skinfile)

    if( ! ($styles = @file(“$skinfile”, FILE_IGNORE_NEW_LINES|FILE_SKIP_EMPTY_LINES)))
    ah_admin_error(“Unable to read skin file: $skinfile”);

  • niceyfemme writes:

    help! I ruined it! my header and sidebar went to the end part of the page! can you please help me fix it? and can you please put the sidebar on the right side please? i dont know what I did….. id appreciate the help thank you…..

    • ravi writes:

      Hello niceyfemme, I checked your site last month but forgot to add a comment here. Sorry. I don’t see a problem! Did you manage to fix it?

      A right sidebar capable version of the theme will be available later this month.

  • Harvey writes:

    Hi Ravi

    Just a short note to compliment you on this theme. I find it hard to believe you’re an amateur!

  • valerio writes:

    I’m using your theme on my blog and I like it very much but I have problems with internet explorer: font size for post title and post date (it seems for all capsulated texts) is smaller and not so good than in firefox. I tried to modify style.css without success (.capsule, .dateauthor) setting font-size to values other than ‘small’, this works only in ff and not in ie. is there a way to increase the size of post title text in explorer?

    Thanks in advance

    PS: this page http://ahren.org/code/ahimsa is not correctly displayed in explorer (large empty area at the top)

  • Valerio writes:

    Hi Ravi, don’t know why my last comment was not accepted in the page.
    I noticed a different font-size in post titles, dates etc between ff and internet explorer 8.
    This concerns your blog too.
    Is it possible to uniform font-sizes fixing some css? or does it depend on a particulare font family?

    thank you very much and congratulations for your work!


    • ravi writes:

      Valerio, it is quite possible that the two browsers are interpreting English font specifications (“large”, “small”, etc) differently. I could fix the point size to specific numbers, but that will take some work…

  • Mike writes:

    I’m delighted with it. Using it for a new site I’m doing, customised version http://www.radioway.info/ Though the MSIE and Opera doesn’t do the lovely rounded borders, or fade effects it still works well enough

  • niceyfemme writes:

    any answer ravi?

    • ravi writes:

      Sorry, I missed your comment. Regarding the right sidebar, that’s coming in the next release, but unfortunately not do-able right now. It’s not clear to me what your sidebar problem is… I don’t see any problems on your blog page. Perhaps you have fixed it already?

  • headdesigner » Searching writes:

    […] it.  The interactive side bar the modern San Serif type face, it just screamed me. So thank you Ahren Ahimsa for designing this […]

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