Ahimsa for WP hits 1000 downloads
November 24th, 2008 by ravi

From the WordPress themes site, a nice statistic:

Ahimsa for WP hits 1000 downloads

Though a quick Google search suggests the adoption/usage rate is pretty low! ;-)

Facebook is a good idea waiting for an implementation!
November 15th, 2008 by ravi

Once you get past the narcissistic nature of the business, sites like Facebook, I will grudgingly accept, do provide some value. I have gotten in touch with old and lost friends, or managed to keep abreast of their lives, via Facebook. Fine idea. Except the implementation really … what’s the word? … ah, yes, “sucks”. If this is a tool to communicate with friends and groups, why is it so difficult to get to a friend or group from my home page? My choices seem to be to navigate via multiple menu options and mouse clicks until I find the target person or group, or use the search field off to the right of the page starting at a preposterous pixel 780!

Haven’t these folks at least heard of CTS/RSS? I feel thick client technology’s longevity should assured if this is the sort of user interface that “Web 2.0″ offers. But then again, if an entire new generation grows up knowing only of these terms, is a UI regression on the cards sooner than I expect?

Sidebar visibility in Ahimsa for WordPress
November 14th, 2008 by ravi

For Ahimsa for WP 2.0’s collapsible sidebar, I made a design choice to leave the sidebar visible by default on the main page (this is configurable), and hidden by default for posts and pages (this is not configurable). The thinking here was that when a visitor is reading a page or post, the browser real estate for the content should be maximised, and distractions minimised.

However, I have received quite a few requests to make the sidebar visibility configurable for pages and posts also, and far be it for me to question my users’ design choices ;-). So I have created a bug, which you are encouraged to track, comment on, etc. I have targeted this feature for the immediate next release (2.1).

In the meantime, here is how you can overcome this feature of mine, right now:

1. Visit your blog’s admin page and choose Design.
2. Click on Theme Editor.

Choose Design in WP Admin Page

Edit Page and Single Post templates
3. Edit the Page and Single Post templates one at a time, and remove the following section of JavaScript code (present at the top of the Single Post template and the bottom of the Page template):

<script language=’JavaScript’>

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