The Ahimsa WordPress theme and Firefox 3.6
January 28th, 2010 by ravi

Firefox 3.6 is out and unfortunately it has unveiled a slew of small annoyances in the Ahimsa theme caused either by the browser or more likely by wrong assumptions in styling in the theme. I am running through the issues right now and expect to have a fixed release of the theme out in under two weeks.

This version will also have support for a right sidebar, and a few other interesting new features. If you have things you have wanted in the theme, now’s the time to ask!

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  • Geakz writes:

    Looking forward to the update/fixes. I had to switch themes for the time being. Thanks for your work on a fine theme.

    • ravi writes:

      Geakz, I should have the fixed version of the theme out in a few days (by the weekend, or earlier). But if you would like an early release copy, please let me know.

      • Geakz writes:

        Ravi, I can test drive an early release if you have one – no rush though if would prefer for users to wait.

        • ravi writes:

          Geekz, some test driving would actually help! So, give it a whirl if you get a chance. Here are some details:

          1. If you have in any way customised the theme (by creating a skin, or a custom stylesheet custom.css or footer footer-custom.php, or other means then please:

            • First backup your theme
            • Then download this plugin (ahimsafix) and install it using Dashboard -> Plugins -> Add New -> Upload. Then Activate it. Once done, you should see Dashboard -> Settings -> Ahimsa Custom Fixer. Click on that. This runs the plugin which migrates all your customisation files to a safer location.
            • Return to Dashboard -> Plugins -> Installed and remove the plugin.
          2. Now unpack the 3.1 version (available here) into your WordPress theme directory
          3. Visit Dashboard -> Appearance -> Ahimsa Options, and set up new preferences, if necessary.
          4. Thank you!

          • Geakz writes:

            Ravi! Looks like your fix works! Thanks to your detailed instructions and plugin, all is well in the land of WordPress. All of the sections headings are properly aligned now. Nice work.

            • ravi writes:

              Geakz, thank you for the early adoption and feedback. I can now feel more comfortable pushing this release out.

            • ravi writes:

              Geakz, please update to the version of 3.1 posted at my blog (or wait for it to come live at It includes a few more minor fixes I added in the last day or two). Thank you.

          • Geakz writes:

            Ravi: All is well! Your fixes are working great. Thanks for the effort on this. I left a comment under “admin” and it may be hung up waiting to be moderated, so I thought I’d try again.

  • niamh writes:

    Look forward to the new version! Been having a few problems but we’re excited to use an extra side-bar too!

    Our students find the theme really easy to access, thanks!

  • Mojtaba Cazi writes:

    How can I have “Recent links & news” on my site likes yours (I saw that on the main page)?

    • ravi writes:

      Mojtaba, the “recent links” come from Delicious (the bookmarking site). So, if you want the feature, you need to first sign-up for a Delicious account ( if you don’t already have one. Then you should visit the Ahimsa Options page in your Dashboard. There you will find a link to the Delicious WordPress plugin. You need to install that. Once that’s done you can set your Delicious username in Ahimsa options and you are ready to go!

  • BigLeague writes:

    Been awaiting the new/updated release. You’ve probably heard it enough but I gotta say, incredible work on this theme, it really stands out. Nothing else like it. I’ll be checking in frequently for the 3.1 release!

    • ravi writes:

      BigLeague, thank you for the kind words, and I can never get enough of it ;-). The new version is ready — you can see it on this (Ahren Code) blog/site right now! I will be putting it up for download both here and at WordPress later today. Stay tuned!

      • BigLeague writes:

        Awesome! I found it and downloaded it, but I was unable to upload it to my WordPress dashboard-themes. Here is what it said:
        Unpacking the package.
        Installing the theme.
        Destination folder already exists. (And here it lists my WordPress themes/ahisma Folder Location.)
        Theme Install Failed.

        You think I’m doing something wrong? Maybe I should delete the 3.0 theme completely and try again? I have nothing important saved that I can’t reproduce on the new version in a few minutes.

        • ravi writes:

          BigLeague, it’s possible you will first need to remove the existing theme. You should back it up completely before you remove it, of course. And if you have added any customisations to before you remove it, you can/should try my plugin (see response to Geakz above) which migrates your customisations (skins, custom.css and footer-custom.css) to a different safer location. Let me know how it goes if you try it. And please add a comment if you have any questions.

          • BigLeague writes:

            Back in business! Thanks Ravi, I appreciate the help and the hard work. Deleting the original 3.0 theme is what made the upload work. That backup worked as well, all of my skins survived.

            By the way, I’m having a blast with the skin design options, great feature. Now to attempt the header image and logo addition. I’ve never touched CSS or code or anything of that nature, so it will be an interesting experiment.

  • Mojtaba Cazi writes:

    Ravi, Sorry but I can’t install this new version yet because I make several changes to your theme (Such as warning box, Code section, header buttons…) so it take some times to update. I will notify you as soon as I update my blog to the new ahmisa theme
    Thank you.

  • Ruthie writes:

    Is there a way to make the sidebar non-collapsing? :)

    It doesn’t seem to appear on my wordpress, I tried both firefox and google chrome.

    • ravi writes:

      Ruthie, there are code changes you can make to remove the collapsing feature. Perhaps you can send me a link to your blog, so I can see what the issue is.

  • Anil Selarka writes:

    Dear Author

    I have two issues in using Ahimsa theme (I Use Firefox 3.6)
    1. The sidebar is not responding. It used to respond to old version of Ahimsa, not anymore in 3.1

    2. I want to have sidebar on the right, rather than on left. How to do that. The options and settings do not permit such actions.

    Anil Selarka

    • ravi writes:

      Anil, you seem to have resolved both issues? In Firefox 3.6 I see the sidebar on the right and it responds quite fine for me.

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