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If you are a software developer and do not use Vim, shame on you! Alright, that’s a bit harsh, but you should really give this fine editor with an unmatched pedigree a shot. At first you might find its command/edit mode dichotomy a bit bizarre. Stick with it and you will realise the power it affords. And to help you along, here is a very simple cheat sheet for Vim.

Screenshot 16

The amateurish Keynote sources are on GitHub. Fork away, if you are so inclined!


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  • Matt writes:

    I LOVE how simply you lay this out. this guy is going strait into my reference book on my desk

  • Denilson writes:

    I’d change “Command mode” to “Normal mode”, which is the name used in Vim documentation.

    There are other things that might be worth mentioning, but I understand why you left them out (to keep things short).

    * Y does not yank until the end of the line.
    * X deletes backward.
    * ^ is similar to 0, except if there is leading whitespace.
    * differences between i/I/gI, o/O, a/A.

    Still, this is a very neatly done cheatsheet. It looks good and has a great layout.

  • Dan Hanks writes:

    Excellent, and a printed copy now lies at close reach on my desk. One suggestion, in the copy/paste section, you have ‘p’ for paste (after the cursor), you may want to add ‘P’ for paste (before the cursor).

    Also an indication that just about any of the nav, change, del, and copy/paste commands can be prefixed by a number to repeat that action n times (though that may be more than you wanted to include in this sheet).

    Thanks for putting it together !

  • ravi writes:

    Dan, Denilson, thank you for the feedback. I will check back on your comment when I do the next update.

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